push.jpgThis is the first word, pregnant women get to hear when they get to the maternity ward. But then to those who have resolved in their hearts to give birth every year it is more of a household name for them. I mean their ‘last borns’ are usually called Push due to how frequent they get to hear the word. It usually starts with a gentle request like ‘hello madam, please push’ to ‘herh, madam, I said push.’ In some instances it is rumored some hospitals have canes soaked in yɔɔ kɛ gari for those who refuse to just ‘push’…lol..Its funny abi? But you see eh, nothing good comes easy, even the birth of a child. You shouldn’t expect life to be all rosy and smooth like ripe plantain without you fighting for something. Recently, I read a post from one of my friends, Gabriel, who said “the force that opposes motion is actually that which enables us to move forward.” Most with knowledge in science would agree to this. We should not expect to move forward if we do not overcome obstacles to push them out of our way. Imagine you were still in class one after all these years just because you refused to graduate to the next level. Or better, imagine you chose to remain a child after birth, how would you get to know and discover you were alive?

My name is Kotey and I do believe that in order for us to succeed, we must PUSH, no matter how hard, no matter how painful for the force that opposes motion is actually that which enables us to move forward.

Good morning.


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