They are quite an interesting people. Many a person may refer to this group of people as lazy but actually they are the contrast of the word. If you use the Kaneshie overhead sometimes you will realize that you can see them as early as 5:30am getting to work with ‘challenged bodies.’ They all have a spot where no one must interfere with. After sitting they place their ‘collection bowl’ praying passersby for an ‘offering’ after they provide their ‘sermon’ of “oh bra mepakyew boa me kakra.” They close from ‘work’ at about late in the night where every shadow is no more to be seen. I wouldn’t refer to other places like Circle, Accra Mall, and every traffic light since the situation is the same. Sometimes one is forced to perceive that they have opened ‘branches’ of this their ‘companies’ at all corners of Accra using their children as an asset to this practice. My motive for this piece is not to draw the usual notion of what people already perceived them to be. Rather, to point out the fact that although they are beggars, they still find it a point to wake up from their beds and go out to beg. They have studied the times and know which times are best for them to get paid their ‘salary’ of walking through traffic in the sun, exposing their ailing parts to appeal to the ‘feminine emotions’ of everyone. That is to say, they are not lazy, they simply work.
My name is Kotey, and the life of a beggar is full of food for thought for anyone who want to succeed in life by folding his/her arms. Come on, even beggars go to work.
Good morning.

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