My Only Daavi (Verse 3)

img-20161006-wa0007 I stood there with my mouth widely opened as if what was before me was an edited Nigerian horror movie. Yeah na I shock. The male voice I heard vanished, the black foot I saw on top of her fair leg disappeared, and her grandmother’s head which appeared mysteriously travelled to the window only to ask me “What?” You should have seen how she ‘sized’ me from head to toe and added “mtchew.’’ I only saw my Dzigbordi squatting with her behind facing me. The black parrot looked me in the eye and said “Abi this be the part where we run right?” Even the parrot forgot it had wings and can fly. I wasted no time. I had run out of the room before it mentioned the last word. My speedometer measured my pace at the speed of light and the black parrot shouted “herh, wait for me!” I responded by saying “wodiɛ tina hɔ. Yɛ de wo bɛ yɛ gɔbɛ.”
As we kept running, I saw a monkey with a dimple and strange eyebrow holding a mirror and polishing the face. Then I realised that, yes, I was indeed in Volta land. I looked for the nearest shade to catch my breath for even cheetahs take a break every 30 seconds when running at top speed.
Anyways, I sat underneath a nim tree scared to the brim and then all of a sudden I heard footsteps approach. Immediately, I remembered my social studies from JHS where Togbe Tsali convinced them to walk backwards so they flee King Agokorli in order for him not to know the direction in which they went. My mind was doing me as if it was the last batch of that miracle coming. I opened my eyes only to see my Dzigbordi drawing closer. I nearly climbed the tree. She said to me “Fear not my darling, for I am with you now till the end of the age. You shall surely be with me and become my right hand.” After that she bent for me to peek at the tight space in between her fully developed ‘chest’ and turned to twerk. There noorr I forgot about the mystery and followed like a dead goat into the dungeon that awaited me as I held hands with the black parrot.

To be continued…
A verse by Kotey
Good morning


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