Growth Takes Time

timeBefore a building is put up, someone must desire for it. After the desire, one must have in mind the sort of building that he or she requires to have. One may go through contemplation of what precisely to develop and perhaps be thinking through the night. You will have to consider the purpose of the building, how many people it will occupy, the sort of technology you want to install, and how long you may want to be in there, not forgetting all of these depend on the depth of your pocket and how fat your account is. After, you tell your story to an architect and he will then design what he thinks suits your plan. His design may be equally good, surprisingly better, or shockingly poor. You will be the one to take a decision on that. After this stage, contractors will be hired, quality of material to be used for the building will be determined and then the building will be started and completed. Time and again, it will have to be inspected to see if it is going according to plan and sometimes changes will have to be made taking into consideration real life factors.

This is the same thing that we must take into consideration when we want to achieve something in life. Great things do not happen over night. We must first conceive the idea, plan, get counseling and consult on idea and take into consideration real life factors when implementing what we want to achieve but then it must be according to plan. By consulting, we will discover if our idea is the best or someone can support us with a much better idea.

My name is Kotey and no  matter what we want to achieve, be it a business idea, relationship, goals, or success, all needs time, planning, and team work for even in Genesis God said ‘Let US Make…’ But then the fact that it takes time doesn’t mean you should be late.

Good morning.


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