Growing Unto Maturity

Life is an amazing complex, intricate inspirerbut not complicated process. It provides for you what you wish for and work towards. Take for instance a seed planted in the soil. With the right temperature, moisture, and soil profile, it will germinate. Although the soil is a ‘hard’ substance compared to the feeble growing seedlings, the seedlings manage to push their foliage (leaves) through the soil. Once out of the soil, it grows in the direction towards the sun, its source of energy for photosynthesis. Nature has many more example for us to learn from. Many a time when we succeed, we fail to look at the fact that our success emanates from a source and it’s not by strength alone. Grace abounds for all men.

My name is Kotey and no matter how difficult our current situations may be, let’s not forget to honour God when we come out of it for even seedlings and grown trees still grow towards sun.

Good morning.


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