The World from Above

earthA look at the earth as a planet from somewhere in space is quite fascinating. Don’t worry I haven’t been there before, at least not yet. But using Google search you would realise very beautiful pictures. From above, there are no boundaries, no borders, no high walls, no beautiful girl, no handsome lad, no bully etc. I mean it’s just one plain of land and water. It is the same with human potential and ability. When we see challenges and obstacles as undiscovered identity of our true selves we will be able to cross every impossibility. By pushing ourselves to the very limit whiles taking into consideration what we can and cannot do we will be amazed at the new things that we can end up achieving. But then don’t forget that nothing is impossible. It is just that for the time being it is an undiscovered possibility.

My name is Kotey and our best selves is discovered through overcoming obstacles. The wait is over. The time to start is now.

Good morning.


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