The King & The Servant


Once a king lived in a kingdom far away in the lands covered in thick forest. Very impatient and treacherous he was, that even being wicked to him was normal and being good was evil. His way of thinking wasn’t just backwards but backward. He decided to trek into the forest one day to hunt his own animal for supper although he has never done this before. He was met up by a bear and overpowered in the act of wanting to kill it. A skilled hunter nearby, drew out his sword and  went on to save his king. In the process of saving him, his spear which he used in first ‘stabbing’ the bear, for some miraculous reason, cut off the king’s middle finger.The King became very angry and asked that this hunter be kept prisoner all his remaining length of days. A few years on, their kingdom was conquered and the king was taking prisoner. He has been divinely selected by the Chief Priest to be used as a sacrifice for the gods. All the people have been assembled to witness this day to celebrate their victory and watch the sacrifice. As he was about to be beheaded the other King who conquered them noticed that the middle finger was missing and shouted for it to be stopped because he is not whole and will be an abomination to offer him as a sacrifice unto the gods. He was released immediately and ran back to his kingdom releasing the one who cut off his middle finger and learning to do good all his remaining days.
My name is Kotey and sometimes what we think as a bad omen or happening in our lives is actually what God may be using to prepare us for the journey ahead, Don’t give up.
Good morning.



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