My Only Daavi (Verse 2)

img-20161006-wa0007She got up from the bed and tacked her left breast into the bra. Yes, the left one, as I tried to persuade her to stay. Charley that gbɛkɛ na I dey fear roff. I mean who gets up at midnight and travels to Nogokpo for spiritual cleansing? She said she’ll be away for seven days and seven nights and I asked myself ‘‘why? She be Jesus Christ?’’ I even had to throw away my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for fear of explosion after she left. It was as if it was the end times. This must surely be the female version of Okomfo Anokye. As she left, an owl watched her from a distance and I closed my eyes to sleep. Three days later I decided to visit her grandmother at Hohoe since it’s been about a year since I last saw her. I bought some city drinks for her and some chocolate. Yeah, she likes sweets. But as I got closer to her hut something caught my attention. I saw the clothes of my Dzigbordi hanging on the dry line. What could she be doing here? As my steps got closer, I began hearing the familiar squeaking of the rickety bed that laid in there but just that it was more vigorous and rigorous. Is it what I’m thinking or is someone repairing the bed. No, Dzigbordi can’t do that to me. I was about knocking when I heard a male voice pleasantly say ‘‘Aaww Dzigbordi, yes, yeah.’’ There noorr I make steady for in this part of the world, witchcraft is real. I removed my half-worn slippers, pushed the door open slightly and tiptoed my way into the room. Getting closer to the bedroom, I heard my Dzigbordor screaming ‘‘Efo kplɔm jo, kplɔm jo la’’ which literally means Brother take me away, take me away la. Well I’m not sure of how to translate the la into English. But then I was now sure of what I was hearing. How could she do this to me? I lifted the curtains at the door and saw a black foot on top of her fair leg buried underneath the bedsheet. So I shouted ‘tsoo!’ as I watched going up and down the bed like seesaw, two bottles of Adonko Bitters. There norr from nowhere, her grandmother’s head appeared underneath the bed sheet. I nearly fainted and the black parrot which I had as a surprise for her said ‘‘kwɛɛ, this is witchery.’’

To be continued…

A verse by Kotey

Good morning.


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