My Only Daavi (Verse 1)


Call her Dzigbordi. I mean she could crack her waist like plantain chips without it breaking. She was my true Ewe girl. The abgadza which she learnt as a child from her village at Nogokpo made her flexible like soft eraser so it was easy for her to do such gbungbuncha kind of things when the lights go out. Oh my God, you guys just made me remember good memories…hehehe. Anyways, I remember the first time we met…mmhm. It was at the Yam Festival in the Ho Metropolis and you know what? Her native beads which hanged on her neck on top of perfectly woven kente cloth which covered her breasts and elevated hips made her obviously visible from a thousand yards out. Yeah, I spotted her from afar. I have very good eyesight and they don’t disappoint. Trust me. So I approached her and charley na she dey do loonng things. Then mempɛ saa mempɛ saa kind of girls ne bi. But then we persisted and victory prevailed for Christ is Lord. Two years down the line, I proposed and she said the magical three-letter word after three months of that I-will think-about-it syndrome that most ladies tend to suffer from when proposed to. I mean it was a big deal for me. That night after she said the yes eh, charley na we do more things. Suffice it to say ‘for your eyes only’. Don’t worry it’s not everything I must write here. I was so much into her until that very day at midnight when she said she must go back to Nogokpo for spiritual cleansing. Even the dog barked.

To be continued…

A verse by Kotey
Good morning


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