Live Life Well

nobelAlfred Nobel, the man whom the Nobel Prize was named after, arguably the world’s most prestigious prize, woke up one day to see an obituary of himself in a newspaper that read ‘The Merchant of Death is Dead.’ The man was very much alive but the newspaper instead of reporting the news of his brother being dead rather informed the world that he was dead. This was in 1888. Yeah, the media didn’t start their lazy work of not verifying stories before publishing it today. Alfred Nobel was an inventor from a family of engineers and was famous for his invention of the dynamite, the more reason that gave him such a headline. After reading this bit and seeing how people perceived him and his identity, he dedicated 94% of his total assets to be used to create a series of prizes to award people whose works are of greatest benefit to mankind as stated in his will. He died on December 10, 1896, eight years after the publication and first award was given 1901.
My name is Kotey and inasmuch as we see all those smiles on people’s faces, we may never know the true intent of how they may perceive our characters to be as a result of certain actions of ours. We may not have the chance like Alfred Nobel to try to change the perception of people when we get hear what their real perception about us is. Let us all live life well for the benefit of every humankind for behind every perfect smile there is a set of fine-looking teeth used for tearing, biting, crashing and grinding. And oh one last thing, don’t be suprised when you see me receiving my Nobel Prize for with God, all things are possible.
Good morning.


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