When Pain Comes In

painPain can be excruciatingly painful or all the same, pleasurably gratifying. Being in pain doesn’t necessarily mean having tears flowing through your eyes after a soldier slaps you in front of your girlfriend. It may not have anything to do with loss in wealth or heartbreak. It could be as simple as being disappointed by someone or losing an appointment or the thought of past mistakes that haunts us. Yes, it may be painful. More often than not, we are forced to look at the sort of wrong impression that pain leaves with us than to look at probably with it is helping us achieve. Pain can teach us how to be strong within or be able to endure what we have already being through. It will teach us how to recognise the fact that every man is human and is capable of disappointing. Pain will ginger us on how to live proper lives in order not to repeat our previous misdeeds.
My name is Kotey, and yes pain may be excruciatingly painful but all the same, it can be pleasurably gratifying. If pain hurts us, may we also have it in mind not to cause anyone pain for what is good for goose is equally good for the gander.
Good morning.


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