Be Informed

beinf.pngThe richest family alive is the Rothschild family. They are the only trillionaires existing in this world. The exact magnitude of their family wealth cannot be classified in totality as some of them are not entirely known to the world. It is estimated around $500 trillion.They  carefully guard their ‘acquisition’ and maintain relevant information within their family only. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding how this family got rich, sorry wealthy, and still gets wealthier but as I said ‘conspiracy theories.’ I’m not bringing up a whole new one but to point out how they manage to use information to setup the world’s most successful ‘financial house.’ Having had information on who won the Battle of Waterloo 24hours before all of Britain, they managed to predict how the stocks will go by ingeniously peddling in sale technics. They were also able to invest with people like Rockefeller and Vanderbilt to expand their business empires.

Information is only relevant when you get to know its use and actually use it. Nokia lost out on a very promising market and has been bought out because they failed to live up with the times to adjust to the current demands of innovation. In effect, they did nothing wrong but still did what they were doing without adjusting to the new demands of their clients.

My name is Kotey and knowing information and using it are two different things. Just as the knowledge of medicine that cures a particular of yours differs from you taking that drug to cure your ailment. Information is key but only when it is used.

Good day.


My Only Daavi (Verse 4)

IMG-20161006-WA0007.jpgMy heart pounced like the beat in one of Shatta Wale’s track, yet my legs kept moving forward, following my Dzigbordor to her grandmother’s house. She swung and wiggled her waist like a pregnant wasp that I didn’t have an option than to follow. When we got to our destination, her grandmother was preparing food and looked at me with the side of one eye. My state at the time was psychopathologic. But then it wasn’t a spell. I have been under a self-inflicted mental exaggeration of a fabricated folklore handed down from one generation to the other. When I first introduced her to my parents, they were like “Eh, an Ewe girl? You will cross the Volta in your own canoe.” My friends were the worst, aswear down. They said “So you, you no dey fear gbala eh? You no go come house again oo.” I have consistently looked for self-satisfying reasons that will affirm my long-held thought of mysterious happenings in Ewe land. So right now as I was offered water in a calabash to drink all came back to me in colour. For example, when she got up at midnight that she had to leave, it was because her grandmother was sick and her mother had travelled to Togo to trade so there was no one at home. Her grandmother’s head that I saw mysteriously appear from under the bed was actually a shattered frame of her photograph and all the voices I heard was because I had made up my mind to look for something against her. Right now I have been awoken from my slumber and have found out that all is a lie. Later she sat on me on a lazy chair and I enjoyed the moment. The food was ready and I was called to come and enjoy it. I have recovered from my hallucinations and settled with some apklɛ and fetridetsi alongside chilled pito in a calabash as she gave me a sexy look while she played with her hair. And please the Gas I said ‘her hair’ not ‘er air’…lol. Oh and about the black parrot and the monkey with a dimple, it was an imagination I added to this story to make it a bit mystical.

I was about to putting my oversized morsel in my mouth when a young man appeared and introduced himself to me. He said “My name is Kofi Gadegbeku, great-grandson of Togbe Tsali.” I swallowed hard.

It is truth that tribalism exists in Ghana and only the blind will refuse to see this. Say NO to tribalism. We are One Ghana.

Call her Dzigbordi. I mean she could crack her waist like plantain chips without it breaking. She was my true ewe girl. The abgadza which she learnt as a child from her village at Nogokpo made her flexible like soft eraser so it was easy for her to do such gbungbuncha kind of things when the lights go out.

The End.

A verse by Kotey.

Thank you for reading.

Good morning.

The Tea Bag

tea.pngSo according to research, tea is the most consumed drink after water. Yep. It is the most popular manufactured drink consumed in the world as it equals that of cocoa, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol combined. It’s records dates back to 2737BC in China where it is believed to have been first used. Yeah, so its been known to man for a while. Lets skip the history class and move on to the subject matter. The importance of tea cannot be downplayed. The herb has been in demand from time to time to those who know its worth. But it makes interesting noting that the herb will virtually be useless and not be as widely used if it’s not put into hot water to generate the needed color and composition. It has also been proven that the quality of the taste of tea can be improved depending on the height at which it is poured. Yes, the height that you will pour your tea can alter the flavor as there will be varied degrees of aeration. Please it doesn’t mean you should climb your roof just to pour a cup of tea, aba! How tea is also served is very important. The quality of the clay used in making the pot and the cups in which they are served is of grave importance to experienced tea drinkers. Aligning this to us humans, tough conditions brings out our best; the heights to which we desire to go and actually climb is what gives us social esteem; but in all,without good presentation of ourselves to be properly delivered to others to appreciate, then our relevance will not be experienced. Remember, branding is important.

My name is Kotey and sometimes we being in hardest times and hot waters is what may actually bring out our very best for the metal which withstands heat is that which is used in building a ‘wall’ for the furnace.

Good morning.


push.jpgThis is the first word, pregnant women get to hear when they get to the maternity ward. But then to those who have resolved in their hearts to give birth every year it is more of a household name for them. I mean their ‘last borns’ are usually called Push due to how frequent they get to hear the word. It usually starts with a gentle request like ‘hello madam, please push’ to ‘herh, madam, I said push.’ In some instances it is rumored some hospitals have canes soaked in yɔɔ kɛ gari for those who refuse to just ‘push’…lol..Its funny abi? But you see eh, nothing good comes easy, even the birth of a child. You shouldn’t expect life to be all rosy and smooth like ripe plantain without you fighting for something. Recently, I read a post from one of my friends, Gabriel, who said “the force that opposes motion is actually that which enables us to move forward.” Most with knowledge in science would agree to this. We should not expect to move forward if we do not overcome obstacles to push them out of our way. Imagine you were still in class one after all these years just because you refused to graduate to the next level. Or better, imagine you chose to remain a child after birth, how would you get to know and discover you were alive?

My name is Kotey and I do believe that in order for us to succeed, we must PUSH, no matter how hard, no matter how painful for the force that opposes motion is actually that which enables us to move forward.

Good morning.



They are quite an interesting people. Many a person may refer to this group of people as lazy but actually they are the contrast of the word. If you use the Kaneshie overhead sometimes you will realize that you can see them as early as 5:30am getting to work with ‘challenged bodies.’ They all have a spot where no one must interfere with. After sitting they place their ‘collection bowl’ praying passersby for an ‘offering’ after they provide their ‘sermon’ of “oh bra mepakyew boa me kakra.” They close from ‘work’ at about late in the night where every shadow is no more to be seen. I wouldn’t refer to other places like Circle, Accra Mall, and every traffic light since the situation is the same. Sometimes one is forced to perceive that they have opened ‘branches’ of this their ‘companies’ at all corners of Accra using their children as an asset to this practice. My motive for this piece is not to draw the usual notion of what people already perceived them to be. Rather, to point out the fact that although they are beggars, they still find it a point to wake up from their beds and go out to beg. They have studied the times and know which times are best for them to get paid their ‘salary’ of walking through traffic in the sun, exposing their ailing parts to appeal to the ‘feminine emotions’ of everyone. That is to say, they are not lazy, they simply work.
My name is Kotey, and the life of a beggar is full of food for thought for anyone who want to succeed in life by folding his/her arms. Come on, even beggars go to work.
Good morning.

My Only Daavi (Verse 3)

img-20161006-wa0007 I stood there with my mouth widely opened as if what was before me was an edited Nigerian horror movie. Yeah na I shock. The male voice I heard vanished, the black foot I saw on top of her fair leg disappeared, and her grandmother’s head which appeared mysteriously travelled to the window only to ask me “What?” You should have seen how she ‘sized’ me from head to toe and added “mtchew.’’ I only saw my Dzigbordi squatting with her behind facing me. The black parrot looked me in the eye and said “Abi this be the part where we run right?” Even the parrot forgot it had wings and can fly. I wasted no time. I had run out of the room before it mentioned the last word. My speedometer measured my pace at the speed of light and the black parrot shouted “herh, wait for me!” I responded by saying “wodiɛ tina hɔ. Yɛ de wo bɛ yɛ gɔbɛ.”
As we kept running, I saw a monkey with a dimple and strange eyebrow holding a mirror and polishing the face. Then I realised that, yes, I was indeed in Volta land. I looked for the nearest shade to catch my breath for even cheetahs take a break every 30 seconds when running at top speed.
Anyways, I sat underneath a nim tree scared to the brim and then all of a sudden I heard footsteps approach. Immediately, I remembered my social studies from JHS where Togbe Tsali convinced them to walk backwards so they flee King Agokorli in order for him not to know the direction in which they went. My mind was doing me as if it was the last batch of that miracle coming. I opened my eyes only to see my Dzigbordi drawing closer. I nearly climbed the tree. She said to me “Fear not my darling, for I am with you now till the end of the age. You shall surely be with me and become my right hand.” After that she bent for me to peek at the tight space in between her fully developed ‘chest’ and turned to twerk. There noorr I forgot about the mystery and followed like a dead goat into the dungeon that awaited me as I held hands with the black parrot.

To be continued…
A verse by Kotey
Good morning

Growth Takes Time

timeBefore a building is put up, someone must desire for it. After the desire, one must have in mind the sort of building that he or she requires to have. One may go through contemplation of what precisely to develop and perhaps be thinking through the night. You will have to consider the purpose of the building, how many people it will occupy, the sort of technology you want to install, and how long you may want to be in there, not forgetting all of these depend on the depth of your pocket and how fat your account is. After, you tell your story to an architect and he will then design what he thinks suits your plan. His design may be equally good, surprisingly better, or shockingly poor. You will be the one to take a decision on that. After this stage, contractors will be hired, quality of material to be used for the building will be determined and then the building will be started and completed. Time and again, it will have to be inspected to see if it is going according to plan and sometimes changes will have to be made taking into consideration real life factors.

This is the same thing that we must take into consideration when we want to achieve something in life. Great things do not happen over night. We must first conceive the idea, plan, get counseling and consult on idea and take into consideration real life factors when implementing what we want to achieve but then it must be according to plan. By consulting, we will discover if our idea is the best or someone can support us with a much better idea.

My name is Kotey and no  matter what we want to achieve, be it a business idea, relationship, goals, or success, all needs time, planning, and team work for even in Genesis God said ‘Let US Make…’ But then the fact that it takes time doesn’t mean you should be late.

Good morning.