My Poclair Girl (Verse 4)

poclairI sat and wondered at this magic far miraculous than any miracle on earth. Her face became multi coloured like the rainbow as her veins were conspicuous in the background. Now consciously forgetting about my earlier motive, I told her “baby, please I just remembered. My dad sent me to buy some kelewele from the kenkey seller’s house. I will be right back.” It was a lie. I was scared like a mouse. I just wanted to get out of her house before I see Michael Jackson’s ghost staring back at me. Some few days passed without her hearing from me. Days became months and months, years. I managed to get passed having nightmares of her screaming my name with that face of hers. I had to do countless one-on-one consultations with Obinim and Prophet One just for them to cast that face out of my life. Yeah, they told me it was spiritual but that was after I paid GHC200 in consultation fees and picking a form for GHC50. Later in life, I had a call unto priesthood. I was the head priest at Divine Encounters Global Ministries. I was invited to officiate a wedding at one of our branches near Achimota. As we reached the point of ‘you may kiss the bride’ and the veil was lifted off the lady’s face, it looked familiar. So I quizzed “excuse me your face looks very familiar, have we met?” “Oh yeah, but then it was darker” she replied. I immediately had a flashback of her real face, the one I was used to and all we shared together. So I blessed their union saying “May the Blood of Jesus restore your past glory and may His angels be able to locate you with the answers of your prayers. You may now kiss the bride.” So the young lad who also was used to that cream, kissed her with his lips looking like that of Shatta Wale as Bokum Banku smiled at his new creation, shouting and throwing confetti at them. And they lived happily ever after giving birth to children that wondered who their real parents were, for theyresembled neither of them.

The End
A verse by Kotey
Thank you for reading.

Good morning.


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