friendA friend once mentioned to me it is better to be a best friend than an ex-boyfriend. Kind of hilarious but true…don’t worry I wasn’t proposing to a lady…hehehe. I’m sure there are loads of testimonies out there…lol…but you see eh sometimes the absence of love creates a void that must be filled perhaps with a touch, a hug, or a simple conversation on the beach. The friend is not the one who necessarily shows up anytime we fall in trouble but perhaps the one who has us in thought. The company of someone who even sends us a message to say hello must be highly valued. Yeah, it must. We must learn to appreciate the little moments we share with people. I know say we guys too sometimes we no dey force. Like when a lady becomes too friendly with us naa then boys start dey propose…lol. Many are victims but few are culprits. It could be that the relationship wasn’t defined from the beginning so people were just flowing along…abeg make you no bore. But lemme not drift from this thing I dey talk. It is said that friendship is a single soul living in two bodies. It is when two or more people have the perfect understanding of themselves and share moments they both hold dear together. We must hold in high esteem the friendship we have with people and not necessarily what we receive from them otherwise the relationship becomes parasitic other than symbiotic.
My name is Kotey and best friend one can always count on is how good a friend you are to someone.
Good morning.


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