A Moment with Bright

bright.jpgIn March 2016, he was listed among the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune alongside Angela Merkel, Pope Francis and other notable people. The MIT Review also included him in the top 35 innovators under 35. Although an astrophysicist, he found the profession not sufficiently practical and diverted into migration studies to help address the concern of refugees. Again, he found his new-found love not sufficiently practical. As a result, the best way to find one, he realised, was to be an entrepreneur and make an impact without involving lot of money. His innovation led to the tackling of counterfeit drugs which the World Health Organisation estimates to kill over 2000 people in the world daily. It was attaching a code to a drug that buyers will send to verify the authenticity of the drug and where it originates through a text message. This ingenuity has helped many organisations in Africa and world to wage war on counterfeit items that costs them billions of dollars annually. His organisation is mPedigree and has the pedigree in helping keep people and businesses alive. He now works with about 20 telecommunications and has his tag on about 7million packs of medicine. His name, well, it’s Bright Simons.
Will like to conclude by paraphrasing from an interview he granted The Guardian. “It’s changing the traditional story about the continent and demonstrating that Africa can be the source of ground-breaking innovations. This is a genuine reversal of the usual narrative. It also made it obvious to me how peripheral Africa is on a global scale. It’s what provided me with the impulse to return to the continent and reverse this narrative.
My name is Kotey and it is interesting to note for all of us to take a cue from, that those who had the opportunity to make it ‘big’ outside in the ‘best’ of professions still found it wise to come home to help Ghana their motherland, and for that matter, Africa, so that we will be bigger.
Good morning.

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