Ask Questions

qtnI met Kojo Yankson during one of the editions of the Joy Ballot Box early this year when it stopped by the KNUST campus. Tapping from his usual inspiring messages, he shared with the few with him, the need to ask questions among many things. Something I will like to write about today.

A lady once asked her mom why at home she had to cut her fish into smaller pieces before frying it. Her mother replied saying well, that’s what her mother did and so that’s what she knows hence she should be quiet and fry the fish. Not forgetting about the question, when her grandmother came around later that day, she posed the question to her and she replied saying well that’s what my mother also did that so for me I don’t know why. When it was time for holidays, they went to their village to spend time with their folks. Immediately they arrived, the young lady run to her great-grandmother before putting her luggage down and said, nana please I have a question. Why is it that all of you cut the fish into smaller pieces before frying it? Her nana replied, well back then our pans where small and the fish were big so we had to cut them into smaller pieces for them to fit in it. She became satisfied and went about happy, thinking of the next question to ask.

My name is Kotey and as Albert Einstein once said, the most important thing is never stop asking questions. Indeed, we will never know what surprising answers we will find out for ignorance kills.

Good morning


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