My Poclair Girl (Verse 3)

poclairThe voice I heard was actually my mind playing tricks on me. I have been frightened by my own conscience. She giggled at me noticing my thoughts and said “darling, I have to go.” She called me darling and that was all I needed for a good night sleep. She wasn’t the I-want-my-ring-in-a-wine kind of lady and neither was she the you-better-take-me-to-Dubai-for-our-honeymoon kind of girl. She was the me-pewo-saa kind of girlfriend. As a result, impressing her wasn’t rocket science for a guy like me. But then she had a trick up her sleeve. Something I was yet to see because of that cream. That cream Bokum Banku alias Banku Flesh gave to her. It was a different level of magic. She invited me over for the night for her parents were away for me to keep her company because she was scared of her village witches. I haven’t been happier in my life. That night, I only wore jolomi from my house to her end so that it will be a ‘quick action’. Abi you bab? I wouldn’t have to remove too many things before getting ‘busy’. After I was welcomed with some red wine, we moved to the next ‘topic’ in the evenings ‘subject’. She said “baby, please come over and let’s sleep.” She didn’t have to say it twice. I was already moving like tsunami towards her end of the bedroom. When I got there, there she was lying down in jeans! I mean like really? By this time? She laid prostrate with her back bare. She pointed to the cream on the table close to the bed and said “baby, Banku Flesh sii fa twi k3k3 three times daily always after meals.” Disappointed as I was with my emotions calmed down, I grabbed the cream and applied as directed, caressing the chocolate body that was about to metamorphose to another colour yet to be discovered by scientists. Then she turned for me to rub it on her face and viola. That was when I realised I was in the room with a different lady for even miracles take time to happen. The change on her skin was like instant photograph. I mean I couldn’t think far, I couldn’t think madness, eno eno na me gwen ho kraa mentiasie no.

To be continued…

A verse by Kotey

Good morning.


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