Always Do Right

rightAn illustration was given me between the microwave and the rice cooker by Eld Benedict Nuertey, a former President of PENSA-KNUST. He said to me, the microwave when warming food or operating gives a humming sound and when it is done notifies the user by giving a beep. One can tell what is going on the microwave by simply looking into it. The rice cooker on the other hand, does a ‘silent’ job but then also achieves its duty by regulating itself. It will require the operator to check on it and unplug it from the socket unlike the microwave. However, they both can achieve the same result of warming the food in it. The former makes noise and the other doesn’t. He concluded by saying that, the fact that others ‘notice’ the work of the microwave through the noise it makes doesn’t mean the rice cooker doesn’t function. It also does but ‘silently’.

I am sure this is what most of us feel when what we do go on notice. Sometimes we ask ourselves if really people see what we do in trying to help and also contribute our quota to national development or at our work places. What should matter most to us is that at in the end we get it done. It’s not an easy thing to do right in this evolving world where your opinion is the truth so far as you believe it is so. Constantly and consistently, universal truth is fading out to give way to what an individual holds true. It costs nothing to do right. It only pays well and adds dignity to your personality as people will always refer to your character as worthwhile. Whether people don’t appreciate your effort or seem not to recognise it, one must always do what is right.

My name is Kotey and may we know that no matter the number of wrongs that we’ve done, the time is always right to do what is right.

Good morning.


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