No is Also an Answer

noIt is a hard truth for many people who find it very difficult to accept. Many of us would not want to disappoint friends, family members, and our bosses and sometimes our life partners. Gradually we have picked up duties that we cannot perform and made promises that we cannot keep. Many have also lost their integrity because whatever they say they cannot account for it. It takes courage and willingness for us to let people know we may not be able to achieve what they ask of us. Some ladies don’t also know how to say NO when they are proposed to because they feel the person will be hurt. I don’t mean to say we should be selfish but at sometimes reality must be what we should embrace. It is said that a good entrepreneur must always know when to say NO in business. This is because entrepreneurs must look at their resources and capability. People will be disappointed with our answers but in the long run we will be deemed as people who are true to their word. In the quest of learning to say NO, may we not be bias to those we give the answers to but be honest to all people. It is when we have learnt to give NO as an answer that we will understand what it really means to say yes for us to keep our word and promises.

My name is Kotey and as we learn to say NO to people, may we accept them as well when we are told for NO is also an answer.

Good morning.


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