secretGo and ask Samson and I am sure he will tell you he made a grave mistake in informing Delilah about where his strength is located. The cost of his action resulted in lost eyes, lost strength and lost dignity. He became lame, a common and ordinary man. It’s not every secret that must be shared with anybody. Some must be guarded carefully and thoughtfully as it may result in one’s downfall or the collapse of an organisation. Many companies have a secret ingredient they add to their recipe in order for it to be different from all that on the market. No matter how well you try to follow the ingredients written on a Coca-Cola bottle you will never get it right. You can also attempt the famous KFC. Apple has also been able to keep its operating systems safer from hackers and malware as compared to their competitors. All these are possible by guarding closely their information and not letting it out into the open. Nations also keep secrets that in order to safeguard its people.

My name is Kotey and discerning to know which secrets to keep will go a long way to safeguard our very selves.

Good morning.


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