Building a Nest

nestBirds are very clever animals looking at how they carve their homes from weeds and grass, perhaps except the vulture. Little by little they weave their nest strand after strand using small sticks and other materials. It will fly to and fro over a hundred times with these materials and still spend more hours just trying to get a perfect shape. They hang their nests on trees a bit far from predators. Once the nest is done after some time, they move in and continue with their lives. Nothing good comes easy as the strength and quality of the nests depend on the type materials use. Materials used by the eagle in building the nest differs from what is used by another kind of bird. It scouts for materials and uses the best of what is available to build its home. The nest is properly built making room for future offspring that are yet to once again attempt touching the sky.

My name is Kotey and building a proper future for ourselves is dependent on the quality of time we invest and how dedicated we are to doing what we do. Miracles don’t happen by accident. They happen to those expecting it.

Good morning.


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