timeTime is the only currency that does not depreciate or inflate. It is the only common currency shared among all persons of the world. It is equal to everyone and does not discriminate against anyone whether short, smart, handsome, or otherwise. The difference between people with the same resources or difference in resources boils down to how efficient or effective they have used their time in developing, planning and executing their task. How effective and efficient one uses his or her time is directly proportional to what he or she achieves in life. Nonetheless, using your time judiciously boils down to discipline and the willingness to not always do what you want to do but prioritising your duties. With time the body adjusts and it becomes a norm. We can’t achieve everything in this world before we return to dust but we can achieve our goals by and planning our time right. By being strict with time and not relying on GMT (Ghana Man Time) one can be far advanced in all he or she does. And mind you that the goals must SMART i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and TIME bound.

My name is Kotey and our best developing tool in this world is an inner conviction to do what is right and using judiciously the twenty-four hours at our disposal to the benefit of mankind.

Good morning.


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