Learn to Appreciate

appreA young man met an old man on a journey to a place. He frequents that location at least three times in a year. The young man travels but stops at where the old man was to take a nap and then continue the journey. He will be given water, food and a place to lay his head for the journey ahead was long. He though he was doing the old man a favour by keeping him company. Thinking the old man was dejected and had no one, the young man never appreciated what the old man was doing and always shouted at him when he needed something. Now it came to pass that the town the young man travelled to always have a festival where the king invites everyone from far and near who is worthy to be honoured. The young man was thinking he will be the one to receive the most prestigious honour in the region for everyone recommended and commended him. To his chagrin, he realised the king was the same old man he used to treat any how when he got to his rest stop. He now understood why he hadn’t seen him for some time. When the king stood to speak the place was dead silent. He said, “we can only show appreciation to those who appreciate the little things done for them. For he or she may value what is given them. I have heard the one name you keep on mentioning, but he is not the one for he appreciates nothing.” The king honoured a little boy who always begged for food to look after his mother. Every day after receiving food, the little boy goes back to the people at night to thank them. He was knighted and lived the rest of his life as a royal needing no want. The young man left in disgrace for his tale was told to the town.

My name is Kotey and may we learn to appreciate the people around us for a time is coming when we may not see them to kiss them goodbye.

Good morning.


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