My Poclair Girl (Verse 1)

poclairShe was my first girlfriend. It was love at first sight; crush at first blush, head-over-heels at first smile. She was everything I wanted in a woman, sorry a lady. Her pink lips were like coloured pawpaw produced from improper application of fertilizer but her body was a testimony of a well-carved being. She used no trimmers and nothing to ‘squeeze’ her waist to deceive the public. It was natural. Such body-contoured creatures are usually reserved for adverts on TV and model shows but on that faithful Saturday the heavens brought Christmas too early and added a birthday present. She stood in line ahead of me at Auntie Muni’s waakye joint. Her voice ‘woke me up’ from my hunger making me see night as day. She was like “meto waakye GHC1, gari ne macaroni 50pesewas ena nam GHC1. Mami shito pe.” Yeah I still remember the first words she spoke. When she turned, my eyes met hers and my jaws dropped as saliva hanged loose on my lips fighting against gravity. She saw the move and only smiled at me worsening the case. Right there I whispered to her hearing “wow, your beauty is pretty” and she replied “thank you.” Her voice melted my heart as I nearly entered the ground. I had forgotten about hunger. I stepped out of the line to follow her like I was being charmed by voodoo. “Excuse me milady, I will like to know your name but in the end I will ask your number but then I pray you choose the latter for I must go back to satisfy me hunger. And by the way, the obvious is true and this will lead to that which is truly obvious” I hit the nail right on the head. No long things. Caught by surprise, she granted my wish. After a week of constant calling using borrowed credit she said yes. Mind you, she wasn’t cheap. I was honest with her. All was well in our ‘heaven-on-earth’ relationship until she met Bokum Banku who gave her his cream for free. And that was when it all began.

To be continued…

A verse by Kotey

Good morning.


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