The Eclipse

eclipseThe sun is the brightest star in our solar system but not the brightest in the Milky Way. There are other stars far brighter than it yet life has been found to only exist on earth. Indeed the universe was created by a Maker for its arrangement is by no accident and it continues to spin in what seems to be an endless universe without it getting lost in space. It hangs like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon yet not on pillars. As the sun shines brightest in its solar system to radiate its glory, it provides light for vision, for photosynthesis, for solar power, and even helps in drying up flooded plains. But at a point in its existence, the moon gets fed up and also wants attention. It crawls out from the shadows and appears during the day instead of the night. It hangs around for a while and prevents the sun from throwing its light to the earth but it doesn’t prevent it from shining. After a while, it recedes to return to where it came from and the sun’s light reaches the earth again.

My name is Kotey and at a point in time in our lives each person may experience an eclipse. It may come from the closest people around us like loved ones filling us with heartbreak, from failing an exam or perhaps death. It may also be a temptation but know that it will not last forever. You shall surely overcome. The darkest night is followed by the brightest day. Never give up.

Good morning.


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