Journey to the West


The breeze before the bright morning bequeathed a better beginning of the new-born day. Dawn came out of dusk rather quickly but we were already inline to check-in at the airport. Departure was when the morning was still young in order for us to be able to complete our itinerary and return to Accra. I had the pleasure of travelling with the Unit Director of Maersk Voyager, Ben Pomford, and the Technical Superintendent, Michael Douglas.

When we arrived at Takoradi, we had breakfast and after, set out to the yard at about 8am. We were received by Maxwell who granted us a tour of the site. Equipment and other materials in storage area were inspected and their condition checked. Some of which included the CCTLF frame, drill pipes, and cables. There was very good maintenance job being carried out at the place. For proper operations on the rig, all equipment must be properly kept and maintained, and the roustabouts do the job like no other. The food preservation area for Transatlantic was also inspected and found to be in proper order as frozen foods were kept refrigerated and dry ones sealed off from pests. No man can survive without food and there was enough in stock for any emergency on the rig.

Belmet 7

Our next stop was Belmet 7, a company which provides state-of-the-art fabrication and welding for oil companies, in the Takoradi Harbour. We were given a satisfying presentation of the work they undertake and granted a tour of the site. Their work really did the talking for them as there were obvious evidence of what they have undertaken. Looking at the MRP and tanks they have fabricated to meet the deadline of clients was very impressive. They also perform all special treatment needed for a particular work.


After a sustaining lunch, we returned to the harbour to take have a look at the risers being kept there. They were properly sealed to prevent anything from entering but required cleaning on the outside as it has been there for a while. A decision was taken to have it cleaned to improve its condition although the internal had been greased.

All too soon the itinerary was exhausted and having extra time on our hands we took a peek at the Takoradi Township after which we returned to the airport and bade farewell to Ghana’s oil city.

The impressive performance of the Maersk Voyager does not come by chance. It comes through teamwork, having concern for workers and maintaining good relationship with third parties to ensure a collaborative effort in keeping performance high whiles having Constant Care in all operations.

My name is Edwin, Technical Assistant, Maersk Voyager.


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