My Poclair Girl (Verse 4)

poclairI sat and wondered at this magic far miraculous than any miracle on earth. Her face became multi coloured like the rainbow as her veins were conspicuous in the background. Now consciously forgetting about my earlier motive, I told her “baby, please I just remembered. My dad sent me to buy some kelewele from the kenkey seller’s house. I will be right back.” It was a lie. I was scared like a mouse. I just wanted to get out of her house before I see Michael Jackson’s ghost staring back at me. Some few days passed without her hearing from me. Days became months and months, years. I managed to get passed having nightmares of her screaming my name with that face of hers. I had to do countless one-on-one consultations with Obinim and Prophet One just for them to cast that face out of my life. Yeah, they told me it was spiritual but that was after I paid GHC200 in consultation fees and picking a form for GHC50. Later in life, I had a call unto priesthood. I was the head priest at Divine Encounters Global Ministries. I was invited to officiate a wedding at one of our branches near Achimota. As we reached the point of ‘you may kiss the bride’ and the veil was lifted off the lady’s face, it looked familiar. So I quizzed “excuse me your face looks very familiar, have we met?” “Oh yeah, but then it was darker” she replied. I immediately had a flashback of her real face, the one I was used to and all we shared together. So I blessed their union saying “May the Blood of Jesus restore your past glory and may His angels be able to locate you with the answers of your prayers. You may now kiss the bride.” So the young lad who also was used to that cream, kissed her with his lips looking like that of Shatta Wale as Bokum Banku smiled at his new creation, shouting and throwing confetti at them. And they lived happily ever after giving birth to children that wondered who their real parents were, for theyresembled neither of them.

The End
A verse by Kotey
Thank you for reading.

Good morning.



friendA friend once mentioned to me it is better to be a best friend than an ex-boyfriend. Kind of hilarious but true…don’t worry I wasn’t proposing to a lady…hehehe. I’m sure there are loads of testimonies out there…lol…but you see eh sometimes the absence of love creates a void that must be filled perhaps with a touch, a hug, or a simple conversation on the beach. The friend is not the one who necessarily shows up anytime we fall in trouble but perhaps the one who has us in thought. The company of someone who even sends us a message to say hello must be highly valued. Yeah, it must. We must learn to appreciate the little moments we share with people. I know say we guys too sometimes we no dey force. Like when a lady becomes too friendly with us naa then boys start dey propose…lol. Many are victims but few are culprits. It could be that the relationship wasn’t defined from the beginning so people were just flowing along…abeg make you no bore. But lemme not drift from this thing I dey talk. It is said that friendship is a single soul living in two bodies. It is when two or more people have the perfect understanding of themselves and share moments they both hold dear together. We must hold in high esteem the friendship we have with people and not necessarily what we receive from them otherwise the relationship becomes parasitic other than symbiotic.
My name is Kotey and best friend one can always count on is how good a friend you are to someone.
Good morning.

The Butterfly from the Cocoon

butterflyIt’s a delight to watch beautiful butterflies fly, beautifying the plains and flowers around us. Their fragile body part does not prevent one from noticing these beautiful creatures that confirms the design of a Creator. Before the butterfly reaches its matured stage it has to undergo a period of metamorphosis, i.e. changing its skin and entire look. It has to move from being an egg, a larva, a pupa, and then an adult butterfly. Yeah, I still recall my SHS Biology. Mind you each of the stages is entirely different from the succeeding one. It endures harsh weather conditions and threats from various predators that want to have it as a meal. Through constant and consistent, yet steady growth, it reaches its maturity stage and gains wings to fly, dominating a new terrain and flying over its problems but not flying too high to become too light for the wind to blow it away. In order to survive it must repeat the process of its life cycle by finding a suitor to ‘mate’ with.
At a point in time, we all must undergo changes, entirely different from the previous in order to meet up with this changing and evolving world, yet not compromising on our values. Admiring each stage as we progress and taking the lessons along with us. As Maya Angelou once said, “we delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”
My name is Kotey and the most beautiful things are that which change yet remains constant.

Good morning.

A Moment with Bright

bright.jpgIn March 2016, he was listed among the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune alongside Angela Merkel, Pope Francis and other notable people. The MIT Review also included him in the top 35 innovators under 35. Although an astrophysicist, he found the profession not sufficiently practical and diverted into migration studies to help address the concern of refugees. Again, he found his new-found love not sufficiently practical. As a result, the best way to find one, he realised, was to be an entrepreneur and make an impact without involving lot of money. His innovation led to the tackling of counterfeit drugs which the World Health Organisation estimates to kill over 2000 people in the world daily. It was attaching a code to a drug that buyers will send to verify the authenticity of the drug and where it originates through a text message. This ingenuity has helped many organisations in Africa and world to wage war on counterfeit items that costs them billions of dollars annually. His organisation is mPedigree and has the pedigree in helping keep people and businesses alive. He now works with about 20 telecommunications and has his tag on about 7million packs of medicine. His name, well, it’s Bright Simons.
Will like to conclude by paraphrasing from an interview he granted The Guardian. “It’s changing the traditional story about the continent and demonstrating that Africa can be the source of ground-breaking innovations. This is a genuine reversal of the usual narrative. It also made it obvious to me how peripheral Africa is on a global scale. It’s what provided me with the impulse to return to the continent and reverse this narrative.
My name is Kotey and it is interesting to note for all of us to take a cue from, that those who had the opportunity to make it ‘big’ outside in the ‘best’ of professions still found it wise to come home to help Ghana their motherland, and for that matter, Africa, so that we will be bigger.
Good morning.

Ask Questions

qtnI met Kojo Yankson during one of the editions of the Joy Ballot Box early this year when it stopped by the KNUST campus. Tapping from his usual inspiring messages, he shared with the few with him, the need to ask questions among many things. Something I will like to write about today.

A lady once asked her mom why at home she had to cut her fish into smaller pieces before frying it. Her mother replied saying well, that’s what her mother did and so that’s what she knows hence she should be quiet and fry the fish. Not forgetting about the question, when her grandmother came around later that day, she posed the question to her and she replied saying well that’s what my mother also did that so for me I don’t know why. When it was time for holidays, they went to their village to spend time with their folks. Immediately they arrived, the young lady run to her great-grandmother before putting her luggage down and said, nana please I have a question. Why is it that all of you cut the fish into smaller pieces before frying it? Her nana replied, well back then our pans where small and the fish were big so we had to cut them into smaller pieces for them to fit in it. She became satisfied and went about happy, thinking of the next question to ask.

My name is Kotey and as Albert Einstein once said, the most important thing is never stop asking questions. Indeed, we will never know what surprising answers we will find out for ignorance kills.

Good morning

My Poclair Girl (Verse 3)

poclairThe voice I heard was actually my mind playing tricks on me. I have been frightened by my own conscience. She giggled at me noticing my thoughts and said “darling, I have to go.” She called me darling and that was all I needed for a good night sleep. She wasn’t the I-want-my-ring-in-a-wine kind of lady and neither was she the you-better-take-me-to-Dubai-for-our-honeymoon kind of girl. She was the me-pewo-saa kind of girlfriend. As a result, impressing her wasn’t rocket science for a guy like me. But then she had a trick up her sleeve. Something I was yet to see because of that cream. That cream Bokum Banku alias Banku Flesh gave to her. It was a different level of magic. She invited me over for the night for her parents were away for me to keep her company because she was scared of her village witches. I haven’t been happier in my life. That night, I only wore jolomi from my house to her end so that it will be a ‘quick action’. Abi you bab? I wouldn’t have to remove too many things before getting ‘busy’. After I was welcomed with some red wine, we moved to the next ‘topic’ in the evenings ‘subject’. She said “baby, please come over and let’s sleep.” She didn’t have to say it twice. I was already moving like tsunami towards her end of the bedroom. When I got there, there she was lying down in jeans! I mean like really? By this time? She laid prostrate with her back bare. She pointed to the cream on the table close to the bed and said “baby, Banku Flesh sii fa twi k3k3 three times daily always after meals.” Disappointed as I was with my emotions calmed down, I grabbed the cream and applied as directed, caressing the chocolate body that was about to metamorphose to another colour yet to be discovered by scientists. Then she turned for me to rub it on her face and viola. That was when I realised I was in the room with a different lady for even miracles take time to happen. The change on her skin was like instant photograph. I mean I couldn’t think far, I couldn’t think madness, eno eno na me gwen ho kraa mentiasie no.

To be continued…

A verse by Kotey

Good morning.

Always Do Right

rightAn illustration was given me between the microwave and the rice cooker by Eld Benedict Nuertey, a former President of PENSA-KNUST. He said to me, the microwave when warming food or operating gives a humming sound and when it is done notifies the user by giving a beep. One can tell what is going on the microwave by simply looking into it. The rice cooker on the other hand, does a ‘silent’ job but then also achieves its duty by regulating itself. It will require the operator to check on it and unplug it from the socket unlike the microwave. However, they both can achieve the same result of warming the food in it. The former makes noise and the other doesn’t. He concluded by saying that, the fact that others ‘notice’ the work of the microwave through the noise it makes doesn’t mean the rice cooker doesn’t function. It also does but ‘silently’.

I am sure this is what most of us feel when what we do go on notice. Sometimes we ask ourselves if really people see what we do in trying to help and also contribute our quota to national development or at our work places. What should matter most to us is that at in the end we get it done. It’s not an easy thing to do right in this evolving world where your opinion is the truth so far as you believe it is so. Constantly and consistently, universal truth is fading out to give way to what an individual holds true. It costs nothing to do right. It only pays well and adds dignity to your personality as people will always refer to your character as worthwhile. Whether people don’t appreciate your effort or seem not to recognise it, one must always do what is right.

My name is Kotey and may we know that no matter the number of wrongs that we’ve done, the time is always right to do what is right.

Good morning.