The land and The Ice

icebergOnce upon a time the land and the iceberg had very good relationship between them. They lived together in peace, not faulting the other. The weather was favourable to both and they lived depending on each other for many centuries. As another age approached, the clouds became heavy and could no longer handle its weight. Rain fell for many days which ran into months, eroding many parts of the land and making it lose its beauty. Many parts of the land became muddy and the desert part of the land was washed into the sea but the ice was just slightly effaced. It began to mock the land for not being able to withstand the rain as it did. As the weather cleared the sun crept out of the shadows and brightened the atmosphere. The ice radiated lots of the sun’s light and basked in its glory taunting the land. When the days passed the land began to gain shape and the overflow river banks began to get back to shape and sea receded. The muddy areas hardened and the trees had light to grow. Now the iceberg began to reduce in size, shrinking its way into the hollow sea, losing its laughter and lustre till there was no more of it unless chilled water in the Antarctic. But the land learnt not to be happy, for it has lost a dear friend and had no one to talk to and for centuries of silence, it became mute and forgot all the words in a conversation.

My name is Kotey and may we know that the same sun that hardens clay melts an iceberg. The fact that we all do not survive in the same condition doesn’t make one better. Perhaps, your time will come but know that it is just but for a while. You only have to make the best out of it to make it last forever but more importantly adapting rightly to the times and seasons.

Good morning.


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