The Girl Called Please (Verse 4)

girlple1They stood in the kitchen looking straight into each other’s eyes as if waiting for an officiating minister of the Lord to say to them, “You may kiss the bride.” Please stared at him with fierce eyes but he gave her a sexy look with winks as he threw kisses in the air as if to say “oya chop kiss.” She had given up on being afraid and now held on to being strong and courageous. She no longer cared what will happen. The being, like that of a man, hairy with too much beard and decaying yellow teeth, threw the partially cooked rat into the mysterious boiling stew and began to take steps towards Please. He took off his apron exposing every bit of skin on his body to the public. The real ‘him’ scared the hell out Please but she managed to shout “the devil is a Liar!” But this being was no devil, he dashed after her with lightning speed and her grandmother placed in Shatta Wale’s ‘kai kai’ on repeat, blasting the roof with loud music. She could no longer be heard. She headed for the door but he reached there first and stretched his hand to grab her but was not lucky. “Damn!” he said. She ran to the other side of kitchen and he turned the knob to the door and locked them both in the kitchen then made a three-point shot with the key into the stew like Lebron James as his ‘bra Kwaku’ dangled in the air, for he wore no clothes. Then said he unto her, “today will surely be the last episode.” “Not in my grandmother’s house” replied Please to him. He got mad at the reply leaped over the wooden table in front of him and ran after her. She was in a tight corner and managed to stretch for a utensil and threw it him. But he dodged it simple. He got her in the corner and stretched his lips towards her, smiling and exposing his yellow teeth. “This is just the beginning my sister, this is just the beginning.” His lips touched hers and with disgust she used her knee to hit his resurrecting ‘bra kwaku’ and shoved him away. “Ajeeii!” he screamed but this only gingered him the more and said he unto her with laughter “hohohoho, Please you don’t respect your elders at all.” He took a last ran after her, she lifted the pot of stew with her bare hands from the stove and threw it him. He started screaming because it was hot and rat danced off his skin. His exposed skin had peeled off at where the stew poured. Sensing weakness Please grabbed a kitchen knife and pushed it into him. “Ewuradi me wo” was his last words and Please whispered to him “This is surely the last episode.” He was dead. She sat down satisfied and exhaled to take her final rest and she closed her eyes. Just then, something touched her and she opened her eyes to look. Then she realised she was in her bed and not the kitchen. Everything looked different and all had been a dream or at least so she thought. She turned her body to face the window and there her eyes met a being, like that of a man, hairy with too much beard and decaying yellow teeth. Then said he unto her “actually, this is just beginning and he jumped unto her inserting his ‘bra kwaku’ into the place he shouldn’t for she was virgin. Just then he looked straight into my eyes, me the writer, and the lights went out as her screams echoed in the darkness defiling the virgin night.

The end.

A verse by Kotey

Thank you for reading.

Good morning.


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