The Antelope and the Deer


deerA deer met an antelope by a pond about to quench its thirst. It was dry season in their part of the animal kingdom and water was a scarce commodity as lions fought with hyenas and monkeys with ducks all because of getting a ‘sip’ at water bodies. As the deer met with the antelope, it demanded to drink at the pond first before the antelope claiming it’s a very important animal and it’s going under extinction. The antelope also claimed it was the first to get there so it must drink first. They argued with their last strength and even wanted to fight till their last drop of blood is on the ground. As the argument heated up and ‘blows’ landed on some few jaws, they mysteriously happened to look in the pond at once and saw the reflection of a vulture hovering on their heads to feast on their dead bodies. Immediately, they both looked up and then into their faces as they inched closer to the pond and drank side by side. The two greedy things needed ‘inspiration’ of their dead body being devoured by a vulture before they agree they could live together in peace.

My name is Kotey and in hard times if one cannot give all, know that you can share what you have with someone who also lacks that you may both live a little longer. For love is patient, love is kind, love does not boast, and moreover, love is love.

Good morning.


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