From the Abode of an Ant

antThe ant is an interesting insect with a strong sense of conviction for hard work and never complains of doing too much work. Although they have a queen, she never ‘rules’ them but mainly gives ‘birth’ to the rest of members of the colony. How you turnout after birth determines your place in the colony and the kind of work you do. You better not tell your mother that you don’t like how you look so she should give birth to you again. You simply move with the wind. When time comes for the members of the colony to go out and look for food, only the ‘food bringers’ go out and bring it whiles the ‘soldiers’ guard their colony. The ‘food bringers’ move in one direction following the one leading to destination none of them sees but with faith they get there and are able to stock their home with food. If you want to distort their movement, just take away the first ant in the line and whole battalion will be disorganised and begin to move haphazardly. The food brought is stocked for future purposes and not consumed immediately because they see a time when they will not be able to move out. They prepare for the future.

Any future that one foresees must be worked at with diligence and persistence. Everyone needs a team to succeed with and they may not necessarily be your friends but people who agree with you on that particular destination you are heading towards. A leader is needed to lead the rest whose skills must differ in order for you to overcome obstacles which are actually stepping-stones.

My name is Kotey, the future began yesterday and if you haven’t decided yet then you are already late. With the right set of people you will succeed.

Good morning.


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