Be careful of Your Mistakes

mistakeIt is said that “one is only as good as his last mistake and can only be remembered for that.” Mistakes are very costly and do not necessarily come as a result of an intentional act or preconceived notion. Most mistakes a mere accidents and miscalculations on behalf of some people. It denigrates one’s image and may take a lot of time before one will recover his or her image, even if possible. Let’s take Luis Suarez for example. Football lovers will remember him mostly for his biting skills and Ghanaians will forever remember him as the guy who ‘suarezed’ them a place in what would have been a historic semi-finals, even though the gentleman has now become sober and is one of the leading world strikers and possibly has met Christ and is now praying in tongues. Still it will be hard for many to forget his trait. Let’s take another common example which happens to some bright people who happen to go in for ‘waist exercises’ when their female colleagues ask them for help with assignments. Should the lady become pregnant, both will be remembered for their last act among their mates than whatever life they have lived. Or imaging a pastor who is single and is caught to be kissing on camera, not even to add if he is a catholic priest, the next morning it will be front-page news. May be it can be described as stigmatisation but no, it is human nature.

My name is Kotey and may we know that haste makes waste and a reputation built for a hundred years can be tainted in a second. Think about your actions, for mistakes are costly.

Good morning.


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