The Girl Called Please (Verse 3)

girlple1The gods arrived at her doorstep wearing bikini and pampers and it shocked her like magic. Her ancestors watched through the window wearing skirt and blouse as a goat spoke to her in twi donning shades and the demons which were in the background with weavons on their heads sang sweet songs of praise which wasn’t to her. “Am I going mad?” she said loudly in her mind “or is this another dream?” but it was broad daylight and four minutes past noon. Please have been seeing and hearing things for some time and she has lost track of what reality is. Her head now ached severely and she leaned against the door to close her eyes slightly. As she did that, there was a tap on her shoulder and when she opened her eyes she realised it was a dream, or at least so it seemed. “Wake up Please” said her grandmother, “It’s time for kumkumbya and I know it’s your favourite and you wouldn’t like to miss it.” She got up from bed with great joy and with the relief a mother feels immediately she gives birth to a child for she has been saved from another dream. As she sat behind the TV for some time her father called from the kitchen telling her to come for lunch. She was hungry and she ran to the kitchen jumping and dancing as if a DJ has just started playing her favourite track. Immediately she got there she discovered it was all a lie, she saw before her a being, like that of a man, hairy with too much beard and decaying yellow teeth, wearing only a filthy apron on his skin. His laughter made her realise she was his lunch and not the partially cooked rat in his hands. Then said he unto her, “sister, today, na ebi you I go chop.” With fear from above, and strength from within she screamed calling out her grandma and the rat came alive and spoke to her in her mother tongue saying “Come on, don’t be such a girl, it will all be over soon.” And she laughed at the horror.

To be continued…

A verse by Kotey

Good morning.


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