Plan Before You Prepare

planThe journey of a million miles begins with the thought of it not the step. For many people their first step can lead them to the wrong direction due to lack of preparation. Others prepare having in mind lots of nice things but without a definite goal. Planning before preparation gives you the ability to know exactly what and how to do what you want to achieve. It prevents you from having envious thoughts about other people’s success and makes you focus on what want. It leads you through a definite path for success. Never plan when you are too tired. It prevents you from envisaging what will be right and what will be wrong. Let your plan be realistic and within your means. It shouldn’t be rocket science. However, know that every plan has factors that will affect it. Not considering all these factors that will affect your plan will make you walk into a lion’s den thinking they are rabbits. After having a realistic and clearly outlined plan then you prepare on what you need for the journey and the achievement of your goal. Know that you can only withstand what you have prepared to meet. One may fail on his way to success but it doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it only means try again harder or simply reassess your plan and use a different means. That’s why in planning you make way for contingency plans.

My name is Kotey and although no one may see you plan and prepare, know that you shall overcome for when sweat begins to evaporate from your body it cools your skin.

Good morning.


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