Brand Your Personality

brandWhen koobi changed its name to tilapia there was skyrocket increase in its price on the Ghana stock exchange. Vendors who grilled this innocent fish and injected it with spices raised its value the more. The situation became ‘worse’ with those ones which ended up in the restaurants. By eating all sorts of feeds, which I wouldn’t like to describe here to prevent people from ever taking tilapia, koobi has become a commodity in high demand. It had to obey its master by accepting the feed he provides for it. Koobi, now tilapia, had to abandon its wide habitat and live in a confined space within its habitat limited by space and freedom. It let go of comfort and pride and what looks good to become bigger, better, and more delicious, or at least so it seems. The truth is at a point in time in your growth to adulthood, there must be a time where you brand your personality to meet the demands of society. Many who know you will say you have changed but in order to increase your ‘market value’ you have to undergo this metamorphosis. It may be uncomfortable with what you are used to but it is a necessary evil. It could be trimming your language to a more decent one than what people know you for; showing more respect to anyone who is human and not only your parents; helping protect the rights of people in society; or perhaps how you dress. We must know which sort of dressing best fits us be it African clothes, formal, or semi formal and still be decent. But above all, you need confidence. Confidence in what you want to be and become will boost your morale in achieving it. It wouldn’t be easy if you’re not use to it but practice makes perfect so perfect your practice.

My name is Kotey and may we know that branded personality with confidence gives a unique reputation with dignity when we allow the changes to be made by the Creator.

Good morning.


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