The Early Bird

early birdIt is highly believed by a school of thought, that should the world’s wealth be distributed equally among the populations of humans, it will all end up in the same pockets they came from and out of the pockets they entered. In effect, many will end up becoming poorer and others richer. People like Strive Masiyiwa of Zimbabwe have built multi-million dollar companies by starting it up with just $75 whiles others have spent hundred times of that amount on pizza and still blame their inability to be successful to unforeseen circumstances. Others have also built businesses by using a computer and internet access. I by this do not measure success by the starting up of companies rather to let us know that if we set out to do what we want to do, we can always achieve it. The secret is simply using judiciously the 24 hours allocated to every man. The world is one place with different time zones hence one must adapt to the system and wake up early in order to communicate with people in other parts of the globe. It could be sharing ideas with fellow colleagues on an e-learning program or talking with business colleagues or seeking NGO partners. In effect waking up early, and starting early gives you the ability to survey the options before you and choose the best out of it from different corners of the globe. The internet can make this possible. Everyone needs a quite time to review his or her goals in life and work towards it daily. It is advised that at any point in time any person who wants to succeed in life must have short-term, medium term and long-term goals which should span six months, 2 years and 5 years respectively. The early bird does not necessarily get the worm, rather it sees where the worms best thrive and makes a ‘farm’ there in order to create an everlasting opportunity. Hard things are hard but with sacrifice you will reap success.

My name is Kotey and may we know that inasmuch as the early bird gets the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese. In short, know when it is right to launch your goal but never forget, the time is always right to do what is right.

Good morning.


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