The Girl Called Please (Verse 2)

girlple1With fear, Please got up to open the door. The cold breeze hit her in the face blowing her hair behind and her nightgown up but it was all a mind game. Her mind has just been playing tricks on her. She returned to the room, sat down and exhaled with relief, made some tea, and headed for the bathroom. She took off the nightgown and hanged it on a nail behind the bathroom door and left it slightly open. She was naked; her features were firing and heating up the water that flowed from rusty shower cap to the extent that one could hear ‘sssshhhhhh’ from the bathhouse as the water touched her skin. She took a bar of keysoap, applied it on her sponge and began scraping the dirt from her skin. Immediately she started, she felt a strong gaze behind her and thought she heard the door open. Now there was a presence of someone standing so close and she was now sure. Scared like a mouse that has been caught stealing by a cat, she washed her face and turned slowly. Alas, her soapy body was being stared at by that same being, like that of a man, hairy with too much beard and decaying yellow teeth. His treacherous smile betrayed his intent, and his rod below his hips stood at attention, revealing his target. Now he took conscious steps towards the bathhouse, and she said “oh no, not again, this can’t be.” The nigga ‘laugh enter bathhouse’ like a killer in a horror movie and said he unto her “Sister, bie gya!” He stretched his hands to touch her and she used hers to cover where she thought was best, as if to permanently secure those places. He touched, felt and held; and she screamed “aaaahhhhhhh!!!” into the hollow virgin night yet to be defiled.

But then this was another dream, or at least so she, for her boyfriend tapped her and said “Please it’s morning, you will be late for work” and she smiled with relief staring into her boyfriend’s eyes as she held him with a hug. She let him go and realised his face started to change, his body shape distorted and began to look like that man in the dream. She rubbed her eyes to look at him again and the lights went out.

To be continued….

A verse by Kotey.

Good morning.


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