Sometimes It Could be You

icbyIt was 6am when Roselyn got up from bed smiling. She was about having the first wedding in her life and all was well or at least so he thought. Little did she know that her groom-to-be was still trying to recover from a hangover acquired from the night before bachelor’s party. Kojo had partied like a monkey who had seen ripe banana after three days of dry fasting. Now it 8am and Kojo was awaken by the page-boy that it is thirty minutes to the start of the wedding. He quickly got up, entered the bathhouse and came out wet. Not even a stopwatch could determine the time he spent in there neither his ancestors could also tell whether he bathed or not. It was quick as lighting. Five minutes later, he had finished dressing, half-brushed his hair, and put on some cologne. As he took his first step towards the door, obviously in a rush, he stepped on a banana peel and fell to the ground like a dead body after which he screamed “the devil is a liar!” He got up and managed to get through the door but a strange nail hooked his shirt to it and he unknowingly shut the door and locked it. As he turned to leave, he realised he couldn’t set himself free and kept on pulling his shirt until he shared it equally with his own door. Now he is standing there blaming the devil, forgetting that his friends advised him not to get drunk since he had a wedding to attend the next day; that the nail has been there since a year ago, and he has always procrastinated when to fix it; and that the banana peel was his own doing when he came home drunk thinking it was the TV remote.

My name is Kotey and sometimes, just sometimes, it is not always the devil. It could be you.

Good morning.


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