Break Your Boundaries

A man once visited a village in India where people trained elephants. They are able to tame the elephant and use it for all sorts of activities that they want, be it sport or other things. The village is widely known for this so people always visited them to learn. Upon visiting the people, the man realised that the elephants have been tied down with a very thin rope and he was surprised. The huge things just by throwing their legs could break free and move to the jungle but they chose to stay. He called the steward there and asked, “Why don’t the animals break free when you tie them with these ropes. Can’t you see it’s a very thin rope?” the steward replied “When they were young the rope was what we used in tying them up and as of the time it was effective so they couldn’t break loose even if they tried. Now that they are grown, they are used to not been able to break away from the thin rope since infancy so they don’t even try it.”

My name is Kotey and perhaps many of us have given up on fighting and overcoming what limits us because we tried so many times and we couldn’t. May we not get used to our weaknesses but rather keep on breaking boundaries to meet our full potential. Possible is possible.

Good morning.



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