What do you Leave Behind?

dinaThe air was cold, dry and dusty as the harmattan thickened by the minute. I had to smear Robb into my nose to cope. The Chop Bar had just opened for evening operations and all was booming as people trooped in. The day’s special was kokonte and groundnut soup with what tasted like grilled grass cutter. Hehe, mmm, me too I was there some.  We sat on plastic chairs arranged around tables with bowls of water at the centre and diluted liquid soap. Not long after I received my meal and perched in my small corner where the light was dim so that the konkonsa ladies wouldn’t replace their kumkumbagya topic with me, a young man walked in with his dad. You should have seen how old the man was. Herh, he was old ooo. He could barely walk but he was properly clothed. They made their order, the day’s special it was, and had their seat next to mine. As they started to eat, the old man ‘spoilt’ his clothes with soup like a kid who has been left alone by his mom to eat. You should have seen how those white-faced konkonsa ladies with black bodies and Brazilian hair on African heads smelling of good borrowed perfume started to act. Charle na eno fresh. Me kraa I felt sorry for the old man’s son. But seriously the guy wasn’t worried oo. He took his time with his dad and gave him a treat. I mean, they ordered freshly brewed pito in calabash to ‘rinse’ their mouths after the meal. When all was done, the young man took his dad to the washroom behind the chop bar and cleaned his dad before they left. Upon leaving, an aged man who sat across the door and monitored all that went on said, “Young man, haven’t you left anything behind?” The young man said, “no I haven’t, I have all that I brought here.” The aged man replied “well you did leave something behind. You left an example for every young person and hope for every father.” As the applause came in, there noorr I hollered at the young man, “Charle, bossu, seriously, you do all. ”

My name is Kotey and inasmuch as we have to reciprocate all that our parents, guardians, or caretakers do for us today someday, let us also know that every encounter we have with a person or group we always leave something behind.

Good morning.


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