A Journey to Meet God

Long before the world became cosmopolitan and a global village, a young lad lived under a roof in a thatch house with his parents. Being bored by the usual things he saw, he decided to go on an expedition to go and see God at wherever he is and have a little chat with Him. He took his father’s bag and stepped out of the house stuffing it with berries to sustain him on the journey. After days of travelling he met an old woman under a nim tree enjoying its shade. She looked lonely and he decided to draw nigh. As conversation ensued among them, he decided to offer the old lady some of his berries. Upon given her the oldwoberries, the old lady smiled at him with a smile he tho
ught to be so gorgeous that his heart was at peace. Again he offered her a berry and she smiled at him again. This was what they did until the berry got finished and they decided to go back home for night was crawling out of the darkness. As they departed and bade farewell to each other, the young lad run to give the old lady the warmest and tightest of hugs and she returned it with the broadest and loveliest of smiles. As the young lad returned home his mother asked him, where on earth have you been?! I went to meet God, he replied, I never knew he was very old and always had a big smile. When the old woman reached home, her son who thought the gods might have carried her into the next world said, mother, where on earth have you been? I went to meet God, she replied, I never knew he was young and kind. And they both lived happily than ever, satisfied in their hearts as to who God is to them.

My name is Kotey, and may we know that we are gods on earth, and through us someone may experience the quality of God that he or she has been seeking since birth. Let us learn to love, let us learn to say I am sorry, let us learn to forgive and moreover let us learn to give hope to all who come to us even us we begin a new week.

Good morning.


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