The Girl Called Please (Verse 1)

girlpleIt was dark. Noon has become midnight as the thick black clouds covered the sky, blinding the sun. The lonely house stood desolate in the middle of nowhere as the fire from the ‘bobo’ at the porch fought against the strong wind. It was the only structure one would see until the horizon. The aged toothless bull-dog began to bark as the rains came down and the weather was punctuated with lightning and thunder. Yet she laid in bed, deeply asleep, immovable to the thunderous noise of barks and flying utensils in the kitchen. Her head was buried under the pillow made of straw as she laid prostrate on the mat placed on the bare earth. The door swung open, enabling moving air to rush into the room, raising her dusty skirt into the sky like a floating bee, giving a free show to the endless plain that lay outside the door. She turned to comfort her body in a new posture that would benefit her sleep. In the process, her elbow hit against something hard that made her open her eyes rather lazily. Simultaneously, lightning struck and she saw before her a being, like that of a man, hairy with too much beard and decaying yellow teeth, making her become frightened with fear. He laid precisely in the middle of the laps of this sleepy girl as she felt his rod at the tip of heaven’s gate. Then said he unto her, in the deepest of tone, “Sister, wo yɛ me taste!” The rumblings of thunder and the barking of the dog took over as they returned into total darkness with her screams echoing into the plains beyond.

This was the nightmare Please had of herself and now she’s up, sitting on her bed, soaked in sweat as if the fan only blew heat. It is now 12 minutes past midnight. Then as if being pursued by her village dwarfs, there was a knock on her door with a voice similar to what she heard in the dream saying “k)k))k)”

To be continued…

A verse by Kotey

Good morning


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