Faith with Balance

balanceA story is told in ancient history about a man who lived in a village located in a valley near a stream. He always would head straight into the woods each dawn to cut pieces of wood with an axe and also go on a hunt. His hard work made him always capable of providing food on the table for his wife and children. He worked from dawn till dusk and his hard work always was rewarding. One day, as he was on his job, a monk appeared to him and asked him for a loaf of bread. He took the monk to his house and granted him food and water. In the process, a conversation ensued and the monk realised he has only been working and not giving the gods their portion of his time. One way or the other, he managed to convince him on the need to keep his soul alive by praying since he, the monk, has survived time for over a hundred years doing so. This pleased the man dearly and immediately changed his ways. The next day as he went into the woods with his axe, he sat there, with his axe stuck in the ground, praying. He stayed there for many a day, starving his family back home. As the days passed, so did the nights and the years with it yet he stayed put in the woods praying all he could. One day, he saw a wolf running few feet away from him with what looked like a head of a baby girl. He got up to lift his axe and run after the beast only to find the wood of his axe rotten and the blade rusty. His joints ached, his hair was white as snow and his beard touched the ground. He could merely throw his leg let alone run after it. He decided to go back home and see his family but upon reaching there he found out that what was once a small village was now a vibrant town. He managed to locate what used to be his home and demanded to see his wife and daughter. He was told his wife died of hunger and was long buried and it’s been 300 hundred years now since his husband entered the woods never to return. All who occupied his home were now descendants. He bit his lips with regret and sorrow wishing he could turn back the hands of time.

My name is Kotey and may we know that a false balance is an abomination. It’s a good thing to pray but pray with direction. God rewards hard work and a closer relationship with him makes you favoured in His sight.

Good morning.


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