Two Foolish Frogs

japanese-frog-fairytaleA tale is told in Japanese folklore of two frogs who being tired of their hometowns decided to visit that of the other. Strangely enough, they knew not each other and happened to have conceived this incredulous idea at about the same time. One travelled from Osaka and the other from Kyoto (pronounced kiyooto), hoping to reach their destination which were great distances apart. After days of hopping and croaking, there stood before them a mountain and their zeal made them climb it with ease. Alas, on top of the mountain they were, each looking at the surprise that laid before it. A frog! They managed to bewilder themselves with their seeming similar story of visiting the others hometown. Because they were just halfway through with their journey, the frog from Kyoto suggested they stand on their hind legs to lift their upper body up so that they rest on each other’s shoulder with their fore limbs for them to be able to see where they were going. This pleased the frog from Osaka very much and they happily did as was suggested. The frog from Osaka faced Kyoto and that from Kyoto faced Osaka or so it seemed since their noses pointed in those directions. But the two foolish things forgot that with frogs their eyes laid behind their heads hence what they saw was actually where they came from and not where they were going. Then said they unto each other, I never knew your town was exactly like mine like I wouldn’t have started this journey. They laid in the grass for a while and headed back to their hometown each believing the other person’s hometown was exactly like his, although the two towns were as similar as fraternal twins could be.

My name is Kotey and may we all know that we can’t move forward in life by keeping our eyes fixed on where we came from and on the past and neither can we progress as a nation by looking back at our problems but forward with reasonable solutions to them. The best time we all have is now to prepare adequately and face tomorrow squarely.

Good morning.


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