Know Your Strength

ostrichWe all might have heard stories about how, perhaps, stupid the ostrich is. We are told myths, handed down from generations, about how it prefers to bury its head rather than hiding its whole body in times of trouble. Although this three-stomach bird has feathers it can’t fly, something which informs us that not everything which glitters is gold. But no one actually says to us that this two-legged gigantic bird can run faster than a horse which has four legs. Yep, an ostrich can faster than a horse for up to about thirty minutes straight up. Incredible init? The only animal that can run faster than the ostrich is the cheetah. This means that the ostrich is the second fastest land animal in our solar system, and that is a fact of life. Its powerful legs can carry it to up to about 70km/hr and can cover 5m in a single stride. When the ostrich is attacked it runs away from its predators although it can kill its predators just by ‘throwing’ its formidable long legs at them, humans and lions inclusive. This unexploited attribute of the ostrich has made it near extinction as it continues to run from its predators and not fighting for its survival.

My name is Kotey and sometimes all we need to survive is to know our hidden strength that will help us contribute to the sustenance of our lives and of our nation. For lack of knowledge, we all perish.

Good morning.


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