The land and The Ice

icebergOnce upon a time the land and the iceberg had very good relationship between them. They lived together in peace, not faulting the other. The weather was favourable to both and they lived depending on each other for many centuries. As another age approached, the clouds became heavy and could no longer handle its weight. Rain fell for many days which ran into months, eroding many parts of the land and making it lose its beauty. Many parts of the land became muddy and the desert part of the land was washed into the sea but the ice was just slightly effaced. It began to mock the land for not being able to withstand the rain as it did. As the weather cleared the sun crept out of the shadows and brightened the atmosphere. The ice radiated lots of the sun’s light and basked in its glory taunting the land. When the days passed the land began to gain shape and the overflow river banks began to get back to shape and sea receded. The muddy areas hardened and the trees had light to grow. Now the iceberg began to reduce in size, shrinking its way into the hollow sea, losing its laughter and lustre till there was no more of it unless chilled water in the Antarctic. But the land learnt not to be happy, for it has lost a dear friend and had no one to talk to and for centuries of silence, it became mute and forgot all the words in a conversation.

My name is Kotey and may we know that the same sun that hardens clay melts an iceberg. The fact that we all do not survive in the same condition doesn’t make one better. Perhaps, your time will come but know that it is just but for a while. You only have to make the best out of it to make it last forever but more importantly adapting rightly to the times and seasons.

Good morning.


The Girl Called Please (Verse 4)

girlple1They stood in the kitchen looking straight into each other’s eyes as if waiting for an officiating minister of the Lord to say to them, “You may kiss the bride.” Please stared at him with fierce eyes but he gave her a sexy look with winks as he threw kisses in the air as if to say “oya chop kiss.” She had given up on being afraid and now held on to being strong and courageous. She no longer cared what will happen. The being, like that of a man, hairy with too much beard and decaying yellow teeth, threw the partially cooked rat into the mysterious boiling stew and began to take steps towards Please. He took off his apron exposing every bit of skin on his body to the public. The real ‘him’ scared the hell out Please but she managed to shout “the devil is a Liar!” But this being was no devil, he dashed after her with lightning speed and her grandmother placed in Shatta Wale’s ‘kai kai’ on repeat, blasting the roof with loud music. She could no longer be heard. She headed for the door but he reached there first and stretched his hand to grab her but was not lucky. “Damn!” he said. She ran to the other side of kitchen and he turned the knob to the door and locked them both in the kitchen then made a three-point shot with the key into the stew like Lebron James as his ‘bra Kwaku’ dangled in the air, for he wore no clothes. Then said he unto her, “today will surely be the last episode.” “Not in my grandmother’s house” replied Please to him. He got mad at the reply leaped over the wooden table in front of him and ran after her. She was in a tight corner and managed to stretch for a utensil and threw it him. But he dodged it simple. He got her in the corner and stretched his lips towards her, smiling and exposing his yellow teeth. “This is just the beginning my sister, this is just the beginning.” His lips touched hers and with disgust she used her knee to hit his resurrecting ‘bra kwaku’ and shoved him away. “Ajeeii!” he screamed but this only gingered him the more and said he unto her with laughter “hohohoho, Please you don’t respect your elders at all.” He took a last ran after her, she lifted the pot of stew with her bare hands from the stove and threw it him. He started screaming because it was hot and rat danced off his skin. His exposed skin had peeled off at where the stew poured. Sensing weakness Please grabbed a kitchen knife and pushed it into him. “Ewuradi me wo” was his last words and Please whispered to him “This is surely the last episode.” He was dead. She sat down satisfied and exhaled to take her final rest and she closed her eyes. Just then, something touched her and she opened her eyes to look. Then she realised she was in her bed and not the kitchen. Everything looked different and all had been a dream or at least so she thought. She turned her body to face the window and there her eyes met a being, like that of a man, hairy with too much beard and decaying yellow teeth. Then said he unto her “actually, this is just beginning and he jumped unto her inserting his ‘bra kwaku’ into the place he shouldn’t for she was virgin. Just then he looked straight into my eyes, me the writer, and the lights went out as her screams echoed in the darkness defiling the virgin night.

The end.

A verse by Kotey

Thank you for reading.

Good morning.

The Antelope and the Deer


deerA deer met an antelope by a pond about to quench its thirst. It was dry season in their part of the animal kingdom and water was a scarce commodity as lions fought with hyenas and monkeys with ducks all because of getting a ‘sip’ at water bodies. As the deer met with the antelope, it demanded to drink at the pond first before the antelope claiming it’s a very important animal and it’s going under extinction. The antelope also claimed it was the first to get there so it must drink first. They argued with their last strength and even wanted to fight till their last drop of blood is on the ground. As the argument heated up and ‘blows’ landed on some few jaws, they mysteriously happened to look in the pond at once and saw the reflection of a vulture hovering on their heads to feast on their dead bodies. Immediately, they both looked up and then into their faces as they inched closer to the pond and drank side by side. The two greedy things needed ‘inspiration’ of their dead body being devoured by a vulture before they agree they could live together in peace.

My name is Kotey and in hard times if one cannot give all, know that you can share what you have with someone who also lacks that you may both live a little longer. For love is patient, love is kind, love does not boast, and moreover, love is love.

Good morning.

From the Abode of an Ant

antThe ant is an interesting insect with a strong sense of conviction for hard work and never complains of doing too much work. Although they have a queen, she never ‘rules’ them but mainly gives ‘birth’ to the rest of members of the colony. How you turnout after birth determines your place in the colony and the kind of work you do. You better not tell your mother that you don’t like how you look so she should give birth to you again. You simply move with the wind. When time comes for the members of the colony to go out and look for food, only the ‘food bringers’ go out and bring it whiles the ‘soldiers’ guard their colony. The ‘food bringers’ move in one direction following the one leading to destination none of them sees but with faith they get there and are able to stock their home with food. If you want to distort their movement, just take away the first ant in the line and whole battalion will be disorganised and begin to move haphazardly. The food brought is stocked for future purposes and not consumed immediately because they see a time when they will not be able to move out. They prepare for the future.

Any future that one foresees must be worked at with diligence and persistence. Everyone needs a team to succeed with and they may not necessarily be your friends but people who agree with you on that particular destination you are heading towards. A leader is needed to lead the rest whose skills must differ in order for you to overcome obstacles which are actually stepping-stones.

My name is Kotey, the future began yesterday and if you haven’t decided yet then you are already late. With the right set of people you will succeed.

Good morning.

Be careful of Your Mistakes

mistakeIt is said that “one is only as good as his last mistake and can only be remembered for that.” Mistakes are very costly and do not necessarily come as a result of an intentional act or preconceived notion. Most mistakes a mere accidents and miscalculations on behalf of some people. It denigrates one’s image and may take a lot of time before one will recover his or her image, even if possible. Let’s take Luis Suarez for example. Football lovers will remember him mostly for his biting skills and Ghanaians will forever remember him as the guy who ‘suarezed’ them a place in what would have been a historic semi-finals, even though the gentleman has now become sober and is one of the leading world strikers and possibly has met Christ and is now praying in tongues. Still it will be hard for many to forget his trait. Let’s take another common example which happens to some bright people who happen to go in for ‘waist exercises’ when their female colleagues ask them for help with assignments. Should the lady become pregnant, both will be remembered for their last act among their mates than whatever life they have lived. Or imaging a pastor who is single and is caught to be kissing on camera, not even to add if he is a catholic priest, the next morning it will be front-page news. May be it can be described as stigmatisation but no, it is human nature.

My name is Kotey and may we know that haste makes waste and a reputation built for a hundred years can be tainted in a second. Think about your actions, for mistakes are costly.

Good morning.

Increase Your Ability

abilityThe world is steadily becoming or has become a global village where people with skill are in high demand. The skill of solving problems peculiar to a society or an organisation makes one to be sought after. It shouldn’t be anything which is rocket science but one should develop him/herself looking at the demands of society whiles attaching the individual interest. This is because everyone must be interested in what he or she does. One could attach or acquire skills such as photography, programming, web design, hair dressing, kente weaving, and advertising experts among others. In case one wishes to pursue other courses online too there are websites where people can learn for free. These websites include,,, among many others. They offer world class education from world class universities to people all over the world and their courses ranges from arts to engineering to economics to psychology. In effect anything you want to learn. All you need is an internet connection and the willingness to study the course. They also give certificates to people who wish to have it. By increasing your ability you become a multi-talented individual who can survive in this dynamic world of ours.

My name is Kotey and learn to become a Jack of all trade and a master in ONE by increasing your ability and skill to increase your value and expertise.

Good morning.

The Girl Called Please (Verse 3)

girlple1The gods arrived at her doorstep wearing bikini and pampers and it shocked her like magic. Her ancestors watched through the window wearing skirt and blouse as a goat spoke to her in twi donning shades and the demons which were in the background with weavons on their heads sang sweet songs of praise which wasn’t to her. “Am I going mad?” she said loudly in her mind “or is this another dream?” but it was broad daylight and four minutes past noon. Please have been seeing and hearing things for some time and she has lost track of what reality is. Her head now ached severely and she leaned against the door to close her eyes slightly. As she did that, there was a tap on her shoulder and when she opened her eyes she realised it was a dream, or at least so it seemed. “Wake up Please” said her grandmother, “It’s time for kumkumbya and I know it’s your favourite and you wouldn’t like to miss it.” She got up from bed with great joy and with the relief a mother feels immediately she gives birth to a child for she has been saved from another dream. As she sat behind the TV for some time her father called from the kitchen telling her to come for lunch. She was hungry and she ran to the kitchen jumping and dancing as if a DJ has just started playing her favourite track. Immediately she got there she discovered it was all a lie, she saw before her a being, like that of a man, hairy with too much beard and decaying yellow teeth, wearing only a filthy apron on his skin. His laughter made her realise she was his lunch and not the partially cooked rat in his hands. Then said he unto her, “sister, today, na ebi you I go chop.” With fear from above, and strength from within she screamed calling out her grandma and the rat came alive and spoke to her in her mother tongue saying “Come on, don’t be such a girl, it will all be over soon.” And she laughed at the horror.

To be continued…

A verse by Kotey

Good morning.