A Rose for Atswɛi (Verse 3)

atsweiAtswɛi’s mother’s gingered anger and gaze generated genuine growling in the guts of Kotey. The view of her virgin daughter being vilified by this voracious villain rapes her conscience without the use of any contraceptives and nothing can vindicate them both. Her hands are on her waist above her hips as she taps her feet, but not to the beat of any track. Atswɛi was the first to speak. “Maa it’s not what you think. I was just…” She was cut right there by her mother “of cause it’s not what I think. It’s what I saw. Oh so now you know what I’m thinking eh??” Kotey cleared his throat to comment and said in a shaky voice “Maa I was just trying to whisper something to your daughter. Nothing demonic.” Furious Atswɛi’s mother replied “kwɛ Owula, kaafee buulu. What do you take me for??” Disappointed and feeling very sad for Kotey, Atswɛi uttered “Oh Maa…” “Oh fiii” replied Atswɛi’s mother. The kenkey now was getting cold, Kotey was now sober, not bold, and Atswɛi’s visible red eyes started to bring out sweat from her bald head cooling her heart. In this state of despair, Atswɛi asked her mother, “So Maa will u marry me? Why is it that you keep pushing all the guys I know or who happen to have interest in me away? Is it that you think I’m not beautiful enough or because I’m bald I shouldn’t get a suitor?” The last line caught her mother unguarded and her face became jon. “Aaoo I’m sorry my child. It’s not that. I just want the best for you. Please forgive me.” As of now Atswɛi’s tears were rolling down her cheeks and her mom got close to give her a motherly hug as Atswɛi placed her head on her breast crying all she could into the space between those two hills. Atswɛi’s mother now was about shedding tears and Kotey with the boldness of Samson approached the two feminine females, holding them both in his arms, as they placed their heads on his broad chest and wept all their tears. Comforting them, Kotey whispered “All is well” and kissed the bald head of Atswɛi producing a sound so loud. Atswɛi’s mother lifted her head with look so fierce and said “kwɛ Owula.” And they lived happily ever after all because of a ball of kenkey.

The End

A verse by Kotey

Thank you for reading.

Good morning.



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