The Best Way to Succeed

patrickIn this true and epic story, a man once lived in a country not far from the equator. A very bright young man who after having secondary education continued his education in the West. After a few years, he graduated part of the top people in his class, something he is used to. After he graduated from Swarthmore College in the US, Microsoft came calling and after 10 hours of interview, he landed his job. After almost a decade of programming and doing all the computer-related things at Microsoft, he decided to relocate to his home country to start a Software company. He realised that the people he employed at the time lacked practical skill and only filled with theory. He decided that instead of creating this software company I will rather create a university that will turn things round in equipping students with the technical knowhow and ever ready for the job market. But before he built his university, he offered an MBA program at the University of Berkeley to learn how organisations function. He finally began the university in rented building in 2002 with 30 students and till he had his own land he had rented at least 10 other buildings. He told his friends to invest in a not—for-profit university but they can’t have shares in it and they did. He built an expensive university for the poor with talent. With $300,000 seed money his built his university and it has had an employment rate of 100%. His name is Patrick Awuah, founder of Ashesi University and he sought not to succeed alone, but create success for many more that will come after him.

My name is Kotey and the best way to succeed is creating the same opportunity, if not better, for others to also make it in life when you become blessed by God as a result of your hard work and perseverance.

Good morning.



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