Bring Back Our Lights

But seriously the light off dey bore waa. No warning naa then fui light out. But a closer look at the Chinese energy sector would reveal careful planning with foresight from the leaders who handle their energy sector. One would see that they have a goal in mind and a self actualisation point they want to reach. For instance, let’s take a look at their solar energy sector. As of 2015, they had 43 gigawatt installed capacity of solar power. Ghana’s total energy capacity is about 2700 megawatt. To those of us who may not understand this, what it means is that, if you take china’s solar power and you divide it by ten and then divide the answer u get by 2, you get what the whole Ghana has installed. Abi you naa you see sey we dey slack? By the way, this energy doesn’t include their hydropower, thermal, nuclear, and china phones….lol…it’s just solar. So where did our leaders pass? No, it wasn’t the N1 Highway, neither the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange under construction that seems to be a campaign message. If China was able to add almost 20 000 lytmegawatts to their solar energy in one year, that is from 2014 to 2015, and for us 400 megawatt after which is televised on national television that it is being shipped from whichever country becomes expensive and unreliable then my brothers and sisters, it is not that rains don’t fall but to me the solution is just being deprived us.

My name is Kotey and right now what we need is a solution to this problem and not the political talk of how long it has been with us.

Good morning.


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