Tale of Tales

chrOnce a pastor lived with one of his church workers in the same house and the worker who wasn’t an elder did all the work there is to perform at the church. He would wake up at dawn and make all the preparations and keep the place clean and tidy. One day, it happened that the daughter of the pastor fell ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. This worker took the lady and got for her a good hospital to be treated and he paid for all the charges. He was a kind gentleman that was a role model for many. After a long while, it happened that this worker passed on to the world after here, where the body can’t be. He appeared before heaven’s gate and all the books were checked. In the book of Kindness, his name was ever present. No long things, first page, first line, first name. The same was the scenario for the book of Goodness, Love, Compassion and all other books. Now was the turn of the book of life. Come see how the angel was sweating flipping the pages. I’m not sure it was the one called Michael but he looked familiar to the other angels. He even asked for water at some point. After going through the book seven times he told the man, “please your name is not in the book of Life so u don’t belong here.” Immediately two creatures came to carry him to the ‘other side’ where he belonged. He wept saying “but my name is in all the other books, why not just I be pardoned and lemme enter?” the angel replied “this is the most important book there is and your name not being part means you’re not allowed here.”

My name is Kotey, and brethren may we know that in the end what is most important is not our seeming righteousness before men but our uprightness before God which will be seen in our live styles onto others.

Good morning.


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